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What is a Mortgage Survey?

There are two types of mortgage surveys. 

  • Mortgage location survey are used by mortgage and title companies to determine which major buildings are on your land, such as a garage, house or shed, and could also note whether your property is free of encroachments on a neighbor's property or a neighbor encroaching on your property and possibly any visual encroachments into a recorded easement, if requested. These types of surveys could fall under the category of an ALTA Survey, if specified, and may require additional title work.
  • Mortgage inspection surveys have less detail. Usually this is what is referred to as a Mortgage Survey. According to WV code a "Mortgage/loan inspection survey" means a survey in which property lines and corners have not been established. They just note structures and their locations in accordance to the properties existing deed calls from the current deed without the benefit of a Boundary Survey. The mortgage inspection survey is typically what lenders will get when you are purchasing a home. You will have to get a boundary survey later if you plan to make improvements on the property.

Before you decide to just get a Mortgage "inspection" Survey read this article

Mortgage Survey vs. Boundary Survey

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